[V8] still need UFO pads- bounty!

Brett Dikeman brett at frank.mercea.net
Mon Sep 26 11:14:23 EDT 2005

After a week of looking, I still have nothing.

Paul Weston Motorsports not only had no clue what pad I needed ("go to
Hawk's website and look up the pad numbers") but after several days of
trading emails, finally supplying the pad number Bernie gave me- he backed
out at the last second saying he couldn't supply that kind of pad.  An
offer to supply backing plates went completely ignored.

Larry @ Carbotech, same deal.  No idea what car I was talking about,
thought I had the pad application that is shared with the BMW, etc.  Give
him the correct pad number: "sorry, we don't have that pad."  I'm waiting
to hear if he can "re-shoe" a set of plates, but I'm not holding my breath
that he can do it by Wednesday.

I'm talking with Hawk Brakes (faxing them a trace of the plate etc), but
they list the wrong application too, unless I'm missing something
(http://www.hawkperformance.com/parts/search.php and plug in either a V8Q
or 200q20v.)

I'm now desperate, folks.  I don't really care who makes them- I just want
pads that have a high enough temp rating for the track; ideally pads that
don't have a high starting temp, so they're safe for the street (I'm
driving 7 hours to the track each way.)

So- a bounty.  $20 to the first lister who finds me a set either from a
vendor or private(ie someone has a set of pads lying on a shelf), and I
need them by wednesday night.  Pad number is, best I can tell, D467 (not
sure of the thickness, sorry.)  Rears would be nice too, but I can go
stock there if I have to.  BEWARE- numerous vendors think the "ate single
piston" on the '91 is the same as the small ate single piston brakes used
on earlier type 44's.  They are not even REMOTELY the same!  A lot of
vendors also think ALL '91 200q20v's and V8Q's are equipped with the
Girling G60's and list only that application...


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