[V8] 10$ to whoever can figure out this rattle in my suspension - testing the knowledge!

Carter Johnson carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 09:29:33 EDT 2006

So, I noticed a rattle in my suspension.  This was separate from the blow rear shock, which I knew the sound of well, but this rattle slowly worsened over two days.  I became increasingly nervous - at first, it appeared only when I hit substantial bumps, but by yesterday afternoon, it was rattling every time I hit any inperfection in the road - that sickening loose metal on metal rattle.
  Strange thing is, nothing perceivable had changed in the ride.
  Can YOU figure out the rattle?  I did, and it only took ~10 minutes.  

W. Carter Johnson
SileStone/Counterfitt of RI
401-789-3217 home
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