[V8] Distributor Seals

Jeff Goldberg gold123 at ntelos.net
Wed Apr 5 13:51:51 EDT 2006

I purchased the gaskets and installed this weekend.  I used these
sealing parts listed in FA:

(1) gasket 077 103 487 under the "sealing cap"   (cam sealing cap,
right side)
(2) gaskets 077 103 487A under the "connecting piece"  (under the
(2) round seals 030 905 2445 (distributor shaft)

The gaskets are blue rubber seals    Easy to do:
Remove air filter and lower air box,
Remove plug wires (I removed 4 and moved 4 out of the way)
Remove distributor caps -  (2) 8mm bolts
Unplug hall sensor and temp sensor and move wires out of the way.
Remove distributors (2) 10mm bolts
Remove T-30 torx screws in connecting piece and remove
Remove the cam cap. (2) T-30, (1) 10mm nut

I cleaned everything up with super clean then denatured alcohol,
including the back of the heads.  Installed the new seals in the
appropriate groove and reassembled.  What a difference!  No longer
billows smoke at a stop light.

I still have a leak at the front...but, its under the right cam
cover...20K to next belt...maybe it'll wait.

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