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Just having your cell phone turned on is enough for "them" to get a general idea
where you are. The cell system works by passing your phones unique ID number
from cell to cell. It is not designed to locate you - it is just how the system
works, but if the cell company wants to know where you are, they know which
tower you are in contact with and can also triangulate with nearby towers based
on signal strength.

If you buy anything with a credit card, you are instantly located too.

Welcome to 1984


Quoting Karl Middlebrooks <coalblacksmith at gmail.com>:

> > ... if you want to get creeped out ... got a cell phone?  Newer cell
> > phones are required to have GPS receivers in them ... here in the USA
> > anyway ... and they *are* able to transmit their actual location ...
> > perhaps even when the phone is turned off ...
> Yeah, I find that system troubling as well, and the RFID stuff bugs me, too.
> I'm a total technophile, not some sort of neo-Luddite, but as much as I like
> technology, the potential for misuse that you'd never even know about and
> can't do much to avoid, bothers me. Then again, I drive around in a couple of
> Audi V8's, which people recognize and remember....so....I guess I can't
> really be all that worried about stealth. Have to trade the V8's in for a
> couple of Neon's.
> > Steve B
> > San José, CA (USA)
> >
> > In point of fact I am skeptical that the phone will report a location
> > when it is turned off ... I just read an article about stupid mistakes
> > made by CIA operatives when they were "afield" and it indicated that
> > certain agents left the batteries in their cell phones and that it wasn't
> > enough to turn them off to prevent tracking them ...
> Presumably, then, the battery keeps the GPS receiver running at all times,
> even when the phone is turned off. I imagine at some point the GPS receivers
> will have their own batteries, and will function as an self-contained
> embedded system, so that the phone can continuously transmit its location
> even if the phone battery is removed.
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