[V8] Idle Problem Returns to The Twilight Zone

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Apr 12 10:58:40 EDT 2006

My WAG is that the ECUs are identical except for the EEPROM chip.
It is possible that there other electronic parts included/deleted based on the
transmission type, but the circuit board is most likely the same.
That being the case, an automatic ECU should be just fine in a manual car as
long as you swap the EEPROM.
This could be confirmed by carefull inspection of the circuit boards. The fine
folks at IA would probably also know the answer to this.

btw, I wonder if anyone has saved a copy of the EEPROM data for both auto and
5-speed boxes?
That would be a smart thing to do so we can re-purpose ECUs. As time goes on,
these things are going to get even harder to come by.


> Now all that's lacking is eerie music and a Rod Serling voiceover.
> I'm hanging onto the other ECU just in case.  There's a chance that both
> computers have the same problem, but that seems unlikely.  Because some of
> the signals to the Motronic come from the IC, I wonder if there's something
> going on there.  Any differences between the 5-speed and automatic clusters,
> apart from the speedo constant?  I'd like to have spare parts or at least a
> chance of getting them before attempting the resolder fix.
> Dave
> 91 5-speed
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