[V8] 93 4.2 oil leak

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon Apr 24 13:44:13 EDT 2006

There's a large O-ring on the distributor body.  There's a crankcase
breather hose that plugs into the back of the driver side valve cover that
commonly deteriorates and lets oil mists leak.   There's another crankcase
breather hose that crosses from one valve cover to the other that
experiences a similar fate.  There's a gasket on the valve cover.  And, of
course, there's the head gasket.

At 04:03 PM 4/24/2006 +0000, swett at comcast.net wrote:
>Hello V8 heads,
>I'm having some trouble finding the source of a pretty large oil leak on the 
>drivers side bank of my 93 4.2.  Not being very familiar with this engine 
>yet, allow me to ask for your expertise.
>This leak appears to be coming off the back corner of the head, at the head 
>gasket.  Is there a distributor gasket that could be blown sending oil down 
>along this route?  I thought I've heard or read of somebody else over the 
>years experiencing this leak.  It just doesn't seem to me that a head gasket 
>could leak oil at this rate.  I'm hoping that either my V/C gasket is 
>leaking or perhaps something at the distributor.  Car has 100k on it.  
>would love to hear about any similiar symptoms of this nature that you've 
>seen before.
>Too many audis to list.  
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