[V8] Radiator Replacement autocoolradiators.com

Jeff Goldberg gold123 at ntelos.net
Mon Apr 24 18:26:48 EDT 2006

Giving credit where credit is due Maurice G. found these guys and
posted about in August 2004.
I too have ordered one.

I also looked in re-coring and was told the radiators are throwaways
due to plastic tanks.


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I'm seeing the posts that I'm sure will be more common as the days
get warmer.  
I also saw the previous post about a
radiator for our V8s for under $200 that.
nobody replied to from what I could see.
Well, I'm still having some auxillary fan issues, but I'm also sure
that my radiator isn't working well either as I'm seeing some
creeping even at speed and it seems to be running just a couple of
degrees warmer than normal and we're not even into the summer.

The best price I could find was about
$350 so I got on autocoolradiators.com's website and sure enough
$192.  I called and they said that they are manufactured by
Proliance who bought Godan (sp)?? They've had a slight price
increase to $205 but that includes shipping! 

Anyway, they were very nice and accomodating on the phone and I'm
willing to be the guinea pig to save $150.  I'll let everyone know
how it works out.

Now I need to find the cheapest supplier of hydraulic hoses . . .
any suggestions?

90 Pearl
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