[V8] Timing Belt puzzle for you

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Tue Apr 25 10:39:01 EDT 2006

I wouldn't argue with the Bently - but I can't see how torquing the crank bolt
is going to change the damper length. Once that is set, it should not change and
you will be perfectly safe putting the left cover back on. Do be sure the crank
pully is fully seated though. Just install the crank bolt and tighten it as much
as you can, and you will be fine. I set the damper length to the minimum spec so
I had the maximum amount of stretch available in the adjustment system.


Quoting Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net>:

> You CAN do that, but the manual says to recheck the damper shock length
> after torquing the crank bolt to its max.  What I did was install the
> passenger side cover so I could use the harmonic balancer tool and then
> popped the cover back off to make the adjustment eccentric available.
> Turned out the shock length did change a bit, but it remained within the 3
> mm adjustment range.  I could have just checked the length before removing
> the cover again, and then only taken it off if I needed to get to the
> eccentric.  The fact I have the whole front end off makes putting the cover
> on and off not too bad a task.
> At 04:59 PM 4/24/2006 -0700, Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> >.. excellent question!  It has been a while so I don't recall for certain
> >how I did it ... but Bentley is clear that none of the other tools are to
> be
> >used for holding the harmonic balancer while tightening the crank bolt ...
> >
> >It seems to me that you can take care of getting the toothed belt damper
> >length set up with the crank bolt tightened as snug as you can get it
> >holding the 3197 in your hand (one illustration even shows this).  Once the
> >belt is set up and you are reassembling you can use the 3197 as the factory
> >intended once the passenger side cover is installed.
> >
> >Steve B
> >San José, CA (USA)
> >>
> >> On 15-35-2 of the manual regarding installation of the timing belts, it
> >> says to turn the engine at least two times after removing the camshaft
> and
> >> crankshaft damper locating tools and then TIGHTEN VIBRATION DAMPER CENTER
> >> BOLT TO 258 FT. LBS.  employing the 2079 torque extender.
> >>
> >> No mention of using the 3197 crankshaft damper holder tool to keep the
> >> engine from turning.  Besides, there's nothing in place to hold the
> holder.
> >>
> >> After tightening the crankshaft bolt, we're supposed to check/adjust the
> >> length of the belt vibration damper shock by using the eccentric
> tensioning
> >> roller, and then tighten the stop plate fastener in the damper assembly
> and
> >> remove the tool keeping that aligned.
> >>
> >> OK, so you need the passenger side cover off to get to the belt tension
> >> adjustment eccentric roller, and if I remember correctly, it's the
> >> passenger side cover that incorporates the structure used to hold the
> 3197
> >> tool steady so you can apply all that torque to the crankshaft bolt.
> >>
> >
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