[V8] wheels?

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sat Apr 29 10:13:23 EDT 2006

I think (but don't know) that the offset and bolt pattern is wrong.  Also, I
don't particularly want to change tire sizes on this car.


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Easy.  I think.  Don't know how well they fit (might stick out a bit  
due to offset), but I'd go with a set of V8 wheels from Bruce at  
Germanautoconnection.com.   Not much out there that looks as  good,  
is strong and light and doesn't exude the too bling, bling look :~)


On Apr 29, 2006, at 8:11 AM, Roger M. Woodbury wrote:

> Well, I know that this is the wrong list.  But it is the only Audi  
> list that
> I belong to and the only one that I want to belong to, so I'll post  
> the
> question here for your input.
> My wife's C4 needs front tie rods and over the next six months or  
> so, will
> need a bunch of other stuff underneath...front pads and rotors and  
> tires by
> fall.
> Last year we had a problem with the right front tire going soft  
> continually.
> Finally, I took the car to the wrench and we found that the right  
> front
> wheel ("reeeeimmmmmm" in innercity argot)was leaking through the  
> casting.
> The wrench applied some magic goop and the tire/wheel combination  
> has been
> fine ever since.
> But when we replace tires in the fall, the car will have to have  
> the wheels
> replaced.  They look pretty grotty now anyway, and one is  
> suspect...sooner
> or later the gloop will fail, and I won't put new tires on suspect  
> wheels.
> So, the options are several.  One is to buy a set of decent used  
> wheels, and
> they are readily available.  The issue with doing that is often  
> used wheels
> come with one or another with some "issues"...curbing is most often  
> the
> cause.
> Secondly, I could send the wheels out and have them rebuilt and  
> refinished.
> I don't know how much it will cost to do this, but this is  
> potentially a
> viable way to "renew" the wheels and minimal cost, I would think.
> Thirdly, we could spring for new wheels entirely.  This is not really
> acceptable, I don't think, because now we would have to get into  
> one of
> those thankless searches for a wheel that didn't make the car look  
> like
> something driven by a drug dealer.  My observation (probably jaded and
> wrong) is that any replacement wheel that doesn't look like it  
> should be on
> something parked outside of a cheap New Orleans whore house, is very
> expensive.
> Then, I suppose the fourth possible choice is to buy steel wheels  
> and make
> the next set of tires winter tires, planning on a different set for  
> the
> summer along with new wheels next year at this time.
> The car has around 106,000 miles on it now, and is nearly the perfect
> vehicle for my wife, so we have no intention of replacing it.  We  
> will plan
> to have the body spruced up a bit...Maine isn't a tender place to  
> have a
> nice car like this...and keep the car well toward 200,000 miles.
> So, any comments or suggestions?  I wonder if anyone has done the  
> same thing
> on whatever car you might have done this.
> Roger
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