[V8] wheels

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 13:20:01 EDT 2006

 Roger, I just picked up a set of Swing wheels W/brand
new Dunlops for $300 in mint shape. The Swing wheels
are 7 spoke 16' Audi OE. They were found on the A4's
with sport package back in the 90's.
 I could ask the local tech if he's got any extra? 
 Let me know I can ask him Monday when I see him so he
can put on the new Kuhmo MX's I just got 255/40/17's
whoooooo..... on my new OZ Superleggeras wood

 Of course I would make sure the rims are up to your
 & a side note, I was concerned with my wife's driving
so when I got the rims & tires I told her up & down
that if she so much as brushes by a curb with these
rims I was going to divorce her LOL I think she's
thinking about it HA,HA

 By the way I'm in Mass & travel to Maine quiet often
to help out a fellow lister with his V8 when he needs
something. So If you decide to get a set I could drive
them up no problem. & mind you the rims would be near
perfect! Cause I know you like things in there place,
so to speak..
 & I can get pics out of what he has. No problem
90 80Q 20Vt AAN project
90 V8Q 3.6 not stock OZ's/Kuhmos, MMMMMM
93 V8Q 4.2 "The Green Monster" 
& a Porsche 944
 96 A6qa w/ S6 euros, & mint 

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