[V8] whatever this guy is smoking must be good stuff.....

Carter Johnson carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 1 07:03:50 EDT 2006

Oh, I usually throw the car into neutral at lights, rev'er up to 6500 and slap-shift into "D".....anyone want my transmission?
  Ahh, if only it were tire smoke, today wouldn't be the last day of her life.....
  Oh a semi-related note, I had the GT on the trailer a few weeks ago and pulled into a gas station.  The attendant at the counter was staring intently at me - when I went in to pay, he wanted to know all about the car and how fast it went - what kind of import drags I went to, etc.  "Road racing" did not compute.  Anyways, when he found out it was an Audi, he launched into this story about his friend with an S4, who drag races it - and he loves the car so much and how it has "switchable" awd that turns into RWD when you want it to - I believe he ended on the statement "Yo, that Audi is the shizznit."
  I have found in life you need to pic and choose your battles - and I lived to fight another day by saying "Indeed, Audis are the shiizzzzzzzzzzzzznit" and walking away.
  Why is this related?  I think that gas attendent is in that photo in the black shirt :-)
"Damn boyeee, check out the speed dent".
  Like when the CBS commentators for F1 note "Watch Schumacher close under braking into this corner - but coming out the other side, he loses ground under acceleration."  Yes, thanks for that physics lesson.
  Tony and Lillie <tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net> wrote:
  It's the perfect V8 add!!! Reminds me of the V8 I checked out for Ingo in 
Las Vegas. I don't know where to start the list!!!! Hey, Carter, that's a 
heck of a deal. I'll take it, but how do you get the tires to smoke on an 
AWD? :-)

Tony Hoffman (In V8 La-La land)

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Let's see. It's an excellent Pearl V8 Quattro. Oh, except for the dent 
on the trunklid. And the screwed up headlight wipers. And the lack of 
front plate holder. But other than that, in great shape! Except for the 
power steering hose that leaks. Oh, and no radio. Oh, and no climate 
control. Oh, and the airbag light is on. Did I mention it has 129,000 
miles? Wow! So, he drove it until it needed a timing belt....

Yours for only 2,100$! But hey - "CAR IS NOT NEW SO DO NOT EXPECT A NEW 

Jesus, these disclaimers keep getting better!

I'm going to throw mine on Ebay next.

"1993 4.2 V8 Quattro. It's not a new car, so don't expect a new car. 
Leaks various fluids. Some leather left. Paint shines nicely, rust 
doesn't. Drives like a pro >- leave those Civics in a cloud of smoke 
(literally). Option power items work at times." Buy it now - 3,000$.

W. Carter Johnson
SileStone/Counterfitt of RI
Too many Audis:
1986 Coupe GT
1985 Coupe GT
1993 V8 Quattro
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