[V8] Ever wonder why the newer Audis (and other cars) are sooo heavy?

Steve Meyer quattroslm at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 02:17:55 EDT 2006

Audi is learning from marketing giants like Wal-Mart,
McDonald's and Applebee's. Pump some advertising and
people will buy! Do people really want to eat at
McDonalds or Applebees? Not really, but we don't know
any better because it's too much work to find a local
restuarant, so we take mediocre food in exchange for
convenience and conformaty. Wal-Mart isn't always the
cheapest, but I'd bet a large percentage of their
customer's feel it is. And they have the power to make
themselves the only choice in town (although we'd hate
to call it a monopoly).

Now, I realize  buying a car is a much different
experience than buying paper towels and toothpaste,
but as the next generations of car buyers start
hitting the luxury market(people like me) they will
buy whatever is in front of them. I feel people in
their 20s and 30s now have very short attention spans.
We grew up in front of TVs and video games. Things
move fast in our heads. We like alot of change and
don't really remember why we liked something. If you
can trick us into thinking we have always liked it and
that eveyone else likes it...then we'll buy it. How do
cell phone companies make it when all they do is
overcharge your bill and give you crappy phones. The
only people complaining are 50 year olds. We might
complain a little, but as long as they keep telling us
they are doing all they can and that they are the
best/cheapest, we'll believe them.

What I'd like to see is some actual data showing
automotive buying habits of 20-35 year olds. Is there
any loyalty at all? Does it matter how great your car
is? Or your service? Or will they buy something
different most the time anyway?

There's my $.04 worth!

> That record breaking profit view of theirs is very
> myopic. Anybody can jab  
> the customer in the $$$ short term and laugh all the
> way to the bank. They  
> better enjoy it cause they won't make many trips.
> Long term it will come back on  
> them and their market share will drop dramatically.
> Long term steady growth is always better for my
> money. As many have said  
> here already, they don't fully understand marketing,
> merchandising, and  branding.
> It would appear that genuine care for the
> customer/consumer is a lost art.  
> Everywhere!
> Dennis
> Denver
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