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Carter Johnson carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 08:25:48 EDT 2006

I had a Stebro system on my 4000CS Quattro back in the day.  When it arrived, I was super excited.   I had paid out the a**, but I had a "performance stainless steel exhaust".  So, we bolted it up.  Well, we sort of bolted it up, because nothing really fit properly.  After much bending, banging, swearing and cutting, the system was on.  Started the car, and no noticable difference in noise.
  So, I lived with it for a while.  But I had wanted loud.  So, after a few months and 6 broken exhaust donuts, I went to an exhaust shop, which re-fabbed the hangers on the muffler and cut the center muffler out.  Now I had the sound I wanted, but I had once again paid out the a**.  
  Fast forward 4 years, and the lifetime system suddenly became...4 years.  The muffler started making ALL sorts of racket - sounded like a rock polisher in a Brazilian samba band.  So, after 4 or 5 calls to Dan at Stebro (who initially insisted that nothing was wrong), we finally agreed that something in fact was wrong.  This required me to start and rev the car while on the phone with Canada so he could hear the noise.  Right.  So, the solution?  Send the muffler back and we'll fix it.
  Ok, so I unbolt the system, spent about an hour wrapping it up, and shipped it off to Canada.  Which I had to pay for, mind you.  A week goes by.  Two weeks go by.  Three weeks go by, finally I call.  "Yes, we're working on it, seems some of the baffling came loose but we'll have it fixed and shipped within a week."  Mind you again, the car has been sitting in my driveway sans exhaust all this time.  Another 3 weeks go by, and finally an exhaust shows up.  I say "an" exhaust, because it was not the unit (includind the revised hangers that I had already paid for) I had sent.  Instead, this was a new unit.  I was extremely displeased to find that the tips had been changed from the originals I had to much shorter, smaller diameter units.  However, the hanger system "seemed" better, so install away.  It was much louder than the original muffler had been, it didn't look as nice, and surprise, the new hangers ALSO didn't work.  
  All in all, given what I paid and the time (both times) that I waited, I could have had a custom stainless system made at much less cost and time.  It was a most aggrevating experience - not as much as the Dialynx a**holes who owe me 2,800USD, but frustrating none-the-less.
  I wish you better luck.

W. Carter Johnson
SileStone/Counterfitt of RI
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