[V8] The death of The Black Mariah?

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Hurry home, some whiner complaining about lack of Audi parts has taken over
your computer! First, there is no reason why your wrench should have 2
charges on his Credit card, a quick call to M/C or visa will clear this up.
Even if you found a muffler in transit I would be tempted to stop both
payments until yours arrived correct and in good shape.

Apparently Stebro won't ship anything without payment up front.  I was told
this, and so was John, thus payment was made. Stebro charged the credit card
once for the wrong system, and then once for the right one.  We think the
delay could well be accidental, OR it could be the last spasm of a company
going out of business.  They are in Canada.

I expect John to cancel both purchases today through his credit card

 Second, this is no the first time you've mentioned getting 90 20V parts for
your car, 

Nope.  Only the first time.

so either different suppliers are not listening or your wrench is not
clearly stating 200 20V turbo instead of just 91 20v. Third more than Stebro
offer these here and in Germany many others, I say that because when I
looked in the spring there was exactly 1 stock 20V (200) showing in the Audi
system and it was $600+- and many options available for less. (don't forget
the 200 20V, Ur S Cars and V8 all have essentially the same muffler).

Don't know of any.  Ansa makes a rear muffler.  World Pac which is a major
supplier of oem and aftermarket parts lists this, and none others for the
20Valve.  I haven't the time to go to Germany nor the time to be my own
importer.  This is the major issue:  this car is not a hobby car, but one
that must start and go every day.  A "normal" day for me is as much as 150
miles with occasional runs as far as Portland and back with stops in
between.  The 20Valve is perfect, but NOT if it cannot be fixed immediately
and easily from parts that are available.  The exhaust system is giving up
with both the resonator and muffler breathing their last.  Essentially a
"cat back" system is what is needed, and I thought we had it knocked.  As
far as the "local" shops are concerned, while there are two here, neither of
them are interested in working on this car.  Going to Bangor and leaving the
car is NOT an option, because that requires two cars and a lot of time and
miles which neither my wife nor I have to give to a vehicle at this point.

 4th even though Maine is the end of the line, there are many custom shops
around who can hang a muffler on your car for less than stock. 5th,
depending on how bad your system may be, some other shop may likely pass it
on the inspection. 6th, check scrap yards or EBay. A nice 20V Avant just
sold in mass for $1,250 with a 2 year old Stebro System. 

Yup.  In Hyannis or Falmouth or somewhere on the Cape.  I thought about this
car but the real truth is that I do NOT have the time to rent a Uhaul
transporter, hitch it to the 1Ton and make a trip to the Cape and back in
the summer time.  Less time to spend pulling pieces off the car after it
gets here.  

Had I been seeing eye to eye at the time with EBay, the exhaust would have
been on my car and the rest parted out for twice the purchase price. Lastly
I have a near new system on my car and would happily lend it to you for
inspection and you can buy yourself 12 months to find an alternative to
selling. The ball is in your court even if the exhaust, currently, is not.

Yes, and as much as I hate to admit it, it may be that the game is simply
over for the Type 44 cars now.  Of course, once the 20-Valve is "right", it
will likely be so for another fifty thousand miles..




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