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Thu Aug 10 11:54:43 EDT 2006

 I think you're getting John's two Green V8's mixed up. The one on  Ebay was 
at the shop that weekend, John has never even driven the car as he  purchased 
it to convert to twin turbo before consulting me about the best year  chassis 
to use. The Green 93' at his home with the Porsche Big Red brake system  and 
17" BBS RF wheels is the LGSM, ie: "Large Green Stealth Machine" So called  
because its "slightly" massaged 4.2 has enough top end pull   to take an S8 in 
the 1/4 even though its almost a second slower 0-60. 
"Gruppe 1 Tuning" is in fact the shop name, and yes I intend to make up  some 
window decals. :)
 Keith Tackett
Gruppe 1 Tuning
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I'm going to agree with Keith on this. I maybe one  of
those people Keiths refering to ;>!! I drove the EKq
from Virginia  to DC for John & seen the V8 in question
he takes increadable care of  his cars. As is very
evedent from the EKq(Evo Killer q).

****But  side note****
I'm allso groven the "Gruppe 1 Tuning" name. Is that
the  name of the shop Keith?? You need to be makeing up
some window stickers for  customers or just the general
public. I'll need one on the "Green Monster"  after you
do the 6spd conversion for me :-)
90 80q 2.6l  20vt stroker project
90 v8q 3.6 not stock
93 v8q 4.2 "The Green  Monster"

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