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 I think you're getting John's two Green V8's mixed
up. The one on  
Ebay was 
at the shop that weekend, John has never even driven
the car as he  
it to convert to twin turbo before consulting me about
the best year  
to use. The Green 93' at his home with the Porsche Big
Red brake system  
17" BBS RF wheels is the LGSM, ie: "Large Green
Stealth Machine" So 
because its "slightly" massaged 4.2 has enough top end
pull   to take 
an S8 in 
the 1/4 even though its almost a second slower 0-60. 
"Gruppe 1 Tuning" is in fact the shop name, and yes I
intend to make up  
window decals. :)
 Keith Tackett
Gruppe 1 Tuning

 Keith, I didn't know that other Green V8 (at the
shop) was Johns as well.. But Johns an extraordinary,
extremlly interesting guy. But it makes sence now.

 & on your comment about John purchasing the green V8
for a twin turbo conversion before consulting you
about the BEST year chassis to use...Isn't the
Clyman(sp?) V8 a 90?? It wasn't a 93 was it??
& what makes it (the Clyman) one the best V8

 & he did mention that the Green V8 with the Big Reds
& 17" BBS RF rims in his driveway was going to his
youngest daughter.

 & I still say he's lucky I brought that car (EKq)
back to him ;>

 &...it'll all end in a bit Keith you'v been a sport
hanging in this long but humor me for a little bit
longer. But
whats up with all the "nicknames" for peoples cars???
EKq, LGSM, The Gentlemans Express, Daves C's DTM/EVO,
my Green Monster..even though I had to name it
myself.. But does anyother lister named or has Keith
named there cars??

 & the last one..what kinda "massaging" is makeing a
93 v8q embaras an S8?? Inquiring minds would like to
know 8-P
90 80q 2.6l 20vt stroker project 
90 v8q 3.6 not stock
93 v8q 4.2 "The Green Monster"

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