[V8] Even more interesting eBay Auction....

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 11 06:58:39 EDT 2006

While you have beend drooling over the Ragusa '93 V8, have you also been
drooling over the "gunmetal" colored '93 in Idaho?  

IF this car came from Audi in this color, then it would most likely be
"Nautic Metallic", I think.  This is indeed a rare color for this car, and
this one, with only 72,000 miles showing, might be the car to buy...assuming
one was looking, of course!

I continue to be struck by how well the V8 "wears".  What other 1993 cars
are so pleasing to see on the road?  Maybe its because there aren't a
gazillion of them I suppose, but compared to other, rather unflashy cars
like Toyota Camry's, the V8 still looks remarkably contemporary and, well,
simply handsome, in my opinion.  For that matter, how readily are 1993 C
Class Mercedes recognized?  For me anyway, not very.

Speaking of which, I was driving to Blue Hill last week when I met a line of
cars coming toward me.  Third in line was a mid 1980's W123 Mercedes coupe.
Undoubtedly a 300CD-T, this car looked absolutely stunning behind the Subaru
and the "me-too-Japanesee" something that preceeded it in line.  

What a handsome car that five cylinder turbo diesel five passenger coupe
was, and still is.  It was made when Mercedes was still largely hand
assembling them, and was made as a "generational" car...capable of being
passed from one generation to another a manufacturing philosophy that
Mercedes officially abandoned in the early 1990's.

But this one, obviously someone's "summer" car, was simply outstanding in a
sea of blandness.


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