[V8] Naming Vehicles

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri Aug 11 12:42:21 EDT 2006

... funny how that is!  Like you, I don't find a need to "name" my cars ... I guess I have been known to call a part of the VIN in for helping discriminate ... and there was a reason I refer to my second V8 as "#2" ... :-)

The only vehicle I've ever *named* was a vehicle I never actually owned.  My BMW k1 was in the shop for repair after an accident.  The shop took a lot longer than they should have to get it back to me, so the owner let me have one of their brand new demo K1200RS's for a couple days (for those of you familiar with the bike, it was one of the Dakar Yellow bikes with the "checkered flag" graphics).  What a wonderful bike ... so much power and so smooth and quiet.  0-100MPH in no time flat.  I named that bike Delilah ... as she tempted me to do things that I shouldn't do ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> On the other hand, I never named either of my other V8Qs or my QSW, or
> the Scirocco, or my ''66 Corvette, or the '65 Turbo Corvair Corsa
> Coupe, or either of the VW KGs (the '56 or the '59 with the Judson
> supercharger), or the '57 bug or the '50 Buick.  Nor that drop dead
> gorgeous burgundy '64 Caddy convertible with paint so deep you wanted
> to dive into it and spotless white leather interior and white top, or,
> for that matter, the '66 Smashing BRG Lincoln Continental Coupe that I
> glommed onto when I returned from beautiful downtown SEA, back in '71.
> I did name the '64 rambler (he cringes at the admission) that I got for
> transportation when I was playing poker for a living (6 months) back in
> '71/72, that one was the "White Whale" (note conspicuous absence of the
> adjective, "Great"); and the '66 plymouth Valiant that got me from
> Dallas to Annapolis, after holding the second best hand one night
> convinced me to return to the real world.  That one was known as the
> "Owl" for reasons that I cannot recall for the life of me.  (I'm old, I
> forget things...)

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