[V8] Speedo Problem

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Aug 16 11:43:10 EDT 2006

In my case, it was in fact the sender. I got a used one from someone on the list
- can't remember who though. I do remember that the part number was different. I
got a sender for an automatic but I have a 5-speed. It seems to work fine, and
the calibration did not change.

On the 5-speed, the sender is over the left axle and is not too hard to change.


Quoting Dave Lancaster <davel at netsteward.co.uk>:

> Bob,
> The bouncing speedo problem is probably not the sensor but erosion of the
> connector pins that attach the speedo head to the instrument binnacle's
> printed circuit board.
> This can sometimes be confirmed by tapping the instrument glass while the
> speedo is bouncing. If the needle steadies, you are close to the cause!
> You need to strip the binnacle and carefully release the screws that hold
> the speedo dial in place. You will notice four pins that are the connectors.
> Clean these up. I used an aerosol of 'Deoxit' to clean the contacts. Also
> bending them slightly might improve the connection. As an alternative to
> deoxit, there is a very expensive substance available from VW dealers (can't
> recall it's actual name) but it does the same thing.
> Reassemble and clean all other connectors while you are in there. I have
> also cured the system check display 'checkerboard' problem in the past by
> cleaning contacts.
> Dave Lancaster
> Worcestershire UK
> 1990 V8Q with interstellar miles recorded
> 2000 A8L current day to day cruiser
> >>Having an intermittent speedo problem. Remember that someone had
> >>similar problem and replaced a speed sensor? Where is this sensor,
> >>anyone sourced one recently?
> >>TIA
> >>Bob
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