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Thu Aug 17 11:28:28 EDT 2006

What happened? in a nutshell:

"Trickle Down Economics", also known as Reagononomics.
And deregulation and globalization that has hollowed out American manufacturing
and moved it to the third world.
At the sunny times mentioned in your post, America produced nearly all of its
needs, including oil. Most of the good jobs that paid enough for mom to stay
home while dad worked were in manufacturing.
Now we import nearly everything.

The inheritance tax affects fewer than 1% of estates. What is the big deal?
Its repeal will benefit Paris Hilton - not you or me.
The tax was designed to prevent an aristocracy class - like what happened in
feudal Europe.
Tax reform is certainly needed - it just needs to help the middle class. The
Hilton class is getting along just fine.


Quoting 32vquattro <allanvega at adelphia.net>:

> At first I thought this was funny............then I realized the awful truth
> of it.
> Now it makes me mad.
> Be sure and read the end!


> What happened?
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