[V8] 92 V8 on eBay / Seat Nets

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Thu Aug 24 11:13:17 EDT 2006

Factory new those mesh nets are flat against the seatback.  

At 10:34 AM 8/24/2006 -0400, Coleman, David wrote:
>I'd be interested to see how these seat-back nets came from the factory.
>Those on my car hang down a bit and essentially seem to have lost any
>real elasticity that they may have had.  Being the car's second owner,
>and knowing the car's previous owner and history, I have serious doubts
>they've ever been used to any real extent -- until I moved the leather
>owner's portfolio binder thing in there from the rear seat center
>armrest (to make room for an OEM 1st aid kit).
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>> ...One thing 
>> that I look for first is the cargo nets on the front seat 
>> backs.  If they are pulled down or hanging, then the car has 
>> been used, and it seems likely that the car indeed has earned 
>> its striped.  This may or may not mean anything, but from my 
>> experience if these nets are not distended, then the chances 
>> are reasonable that the rest of the interior may be in good 
>> condition, and it is even possible that the car had only one 
>> or two occupants the majority of its life.  It is possible 
>> that these nets were replaced, but unlikely I think, as that 
>> would require some money be spent and I think that most of 
>> these cars are just being sold for a little profit, or to get 
>> them gone before something needs to be done to them...timing 
>> belts or hydraulic pumps or the like.  So if the nets are 
>> tight, I look at least a second time.
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