[V8] Tach drop out

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 25 06:32:01 EDT 2006

That will keep you busy. On the tach I don't know if it is the IC as I have 
"fixed" that.  Suddenly, it will go to zero (or not come on) and stay there 
only coming on intermittantly.  Others have said these can go bad, but  no 
one seems to have a way to check if it is the tach or wiring.
PS had to go to a wrench to get the O2 off but all seems good now.

>  Mike sorry I haven't gotten back but I was doing my
>T-belt on my Green 93 v8 & the Euros, & the 2benn coil
>overs & stuff ready for //sfest. I'm just doing a few
>more things beforhand but I will check to see if I
>have a tach. Whats wrong with the tach?? I all so have
>to search around for the armrest strut.
>I'll get back to you tomorrow

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