[V8] catalytic converter removal?

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Thu Aug 31 20:21:12 EDT 2006

V8Q with No Cats and No Air cleaner housing (just the filter) =  'merican
Muscle Car growl and roar under full throttle.  No actual data on
performance..but it sure does feel 
and sound alot faster.  ;-)

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 "Peter Littlewood" <littlepete_19 at hotmail.com> writes:
> hello everybody
> Does anyone have any thoughts about the removal of the Cats on a V8? 
> my 
> whole system is off at the moment due to a gearbox rebuild. I'm 
> thinking, 
> while its off to remove the Cats (legal in the UK on cars made 
> before 1992) 
> My buddies car has had his removed and its made the car sound how 
> every V8 
> car should do.. On some cars this is beneficial.. on some it is not 
> with 
> regards to performance.
> any response welcome
> as usual
> Pete Littlewood
> 3.6 V8 1991 uk spec

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