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Fri Dec 1 10:58:09 EST 2006

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A bill (H.B. 560) that would restrict the ability of state vehicle hobbyists from maintaining inoperable vehicles on private property will be considered by the Ohio legislature on Thursday, November 30th. The bill allows townships to remove inoperable vehicles deemed to be "junk," including collector cars, from private property. Under current Ohio law, a junk motor vehicle must be "three model years old or older; apparently inoperable; extensively damaged, including, but not limited to, any of the following: missing wheels, tires, engine or transmission." The measure ignores the distinction between an owner using private property as a dumping ground and a vehicle enthusiast working to maintain, restore or construct a vehicle. 

Although this bill is being considered today it does not mean it will be decided upon today, it is imperative to contact your representatives. 

Please help get this bill rejected by copying and pasting the letter below into an email. Direct your email to the list of representative's below. 

(Copy and paste the letter below into an email to the representative's email addresses included below): 

Dear Representative, 

RE: H.B. 560 

I want to express my opposition to the passage of H.B. 560. 

H.B. 560 ignores distinction between private property being used as a dumping ground and a vehicle enthusiast working to maintain, restore, or construct a vehicle. 

Because of all-encompassing language, the passage of the bill will strip vehicle enthusiasts of their hobby. That is not only unnecessary and unfair to Ohio residents, it will also hurt Ohio businesses that cater to enthusiasts. 

A fair bill would include provisions that make it legal to store a project vehicle outside, as long as it is maintained in such a manner that doesn't constitute a health hazard or eye-sore, for example: project cars that are stored away from public view, or screened by a fences, trees, shrubbery, or other appropriate cover. 

Please consider the negative effect that the passage of H.B. 560 will have on automotive enthusiasts who properly store and maintain their project vehicles. 

Thank you. 

(You may copy and paste the following list of email addresses into your "send to:" box): 

district07 at ohr.state.oh.us; district20 at ohr.state.oh.us; district23 at ohr.state.oh.us; district26 at ohr.state.oh.us; district34 at ohr.state.oh.us; district41 at ohr.state.oh.us; district47 at ohr.state.oh.us; district62 at ohr.state.oh.us; district66 at ohr.state.oh.us; district68 at ohr.state.oh.us; district79 at ohr.state.oh.us; district81 at ohr.state.oh.us; district86 at ohr.state.oh.us; district88 at ohr.state.oh.us; district90 at ohr.state.oh.us; district94 at ohr.state.oh.us; district95 at ohr.state.oh.us


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