[V8] ECU part numbers

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Fri Dec 1 12:45:12 EST 2006

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From: Tim Hollister 
Date: Friday, December 1, 2006 11:44 am
Subject: Re: [V8] ECU part numbers
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> I have all the info on those.
> the 404c is the original ecu for the 90 v8q, the 404hx series 
> are the newer ecus (started in 91)
> and do replace the c. the hx series also provides a performance 
> increase in low end torque and
> overall drivability. 
> If you are replacing the h with a c then swap the prom chips and 
> go with that. the physical
> hardware is the same.
> I have a ecu if you need one.. its a c with the h code. works 
> perfectly.
> lmk.
Any difference in the ecu's between an automatic and manual? Can I use an ecu from an automatic for an IA chip upgrade and put it in a manual?

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