[V8] hot cams

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 4 21:08:23 EST 2006

>On re-hardening the cams, I have to re-verify that
>Crane does that - it 
>makes sense so *I* said it, we need to find out if
>it makes sense to 
>them, too, and if not, why not. (I'm pretty sure
>they do it, but I can't 
>speak for them.)

>We do still need two dimensions before we can

>1) Distance between cam base circle and top of valve
>stem (measure with 
>follower removed, probably a good idea to do a
>couple of intake valves 
>and a couple of exhaust valves.)

>2) distance between cam face of lifter follower and
>the inside where it 
>bears on the top of the valve stem. These are "C"
>shaped in cross 
>section, we need the dimension from the top to the
>inside bottom.

   from here
|    /\   |
   to here

>Sorry for the ASCII art . . .

>Best Regards,

>Mike Arman
>V8Q panting for the knife . . .

 Mike.....why do you need those #'s? You got all the
#'s someone needs to do this. 
 I've talked to a few people who are in the know & no
mention of needing to know this info.

 Mike I mean no offense...you know me..we go back a
bit. I remember getting my H4 Euro headlights for my
ol 87 5ksq from you. I remember getting such a good
deal I sent you a "01" MtWashington shirt..or should I
say your wife confascated it ;-P...but
 I have sent you parts at good prices..basically I
like you..& alot of you guys know me not to pull any
punches, & I'm trying not to sound like a poster boy
for anything but...
I'm just not feeling the Crane cam guy. I think he
needs too much info cause he doesn't know the
application. Meaning he's not familiar with Audis. & I
won't trust my 4.2 motor..or anyone elses motor for
that matter with these cams from Crane. So
I think I'm going to ask a few people I know local...&
if I get the same questions you have gotten from the
guy at Crane I'm just going to go with the guy in
Germany. He seems to know what he's talking bout. Not
to mention I think this IS the guy who originally or
who does Scott J's spec2 cams. But
I could be wrong..rolling eyes...lol

90 CQ 2.6l 20vt 600whp stroker project
& lots & lots of V8's

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