[V8] Sunroof woes

Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 17:16:31 EST 2006

Hey list,

It was a nice enough day that I could work on the car without being 
frozen so I pulled the sunroof motor cover to see what was under there.  
I found a sunroof motor in the trunk when I got the car (almost a month 
ago) and was curious what was in its place.  There's definitely a motor 
up there and the sunroof works great when operated manually.

I also found where that mystery connector goes.


After I was done playing with the sunroof, I found a spot where the roof 
seemed closed; between the two open cycles but I'm not sure.  Where 
should that little grey wheel be?  Should either of those microswitches 
be closed?  I just don't want water leaking in.

This is where the connector obviously came from.  I tried to figure out 
where the brown/grey wire goes but the Wiring Diagrams at 
http://www.geocities.com/cobramsri/Wiring/ list different colors.  Any 
ideas where BR/GY goes and did the previous owner hook up the Red/blue's 
correctly?  Anyone have a wiring diagram for a 90 V8 sunroof?

This is the state that the wiring is currently in and the only thing 
"jury rigged" appears to be the red/blue wires.  Everything else looks 
OE.  If I plug in the relay, the sunroof wants to retract backwards.  
Pressing the switch will stop the motor only momentarily (I did not hold 
down switch to see if it would stop it indefinitely, as I don't want to 
fry anything).  I want to fix the wiring first, then figure out what's 
wrong.  I want to check the switch to see if it's stuck closed, but it 
appears to be soldered onto the wires.  Is it replaceable?  Could it be 
the microswitches or something on the motor?  I apparently have a spare 
motor, don't know if it's good.

What I want to do now is get the sunroof sufficiently closed as not to 
leak water/snow for the winter and possibly fix the wiring.  I don't 
care to have it working until March, at the soonest.  The small panel 
inside the sunroof, the one on springs, wants to stay open at all times, 
should it fold down when the roof is closed?

Thanks a bunch,
Scott Simmons

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