[V8] Hood wiring

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed Dec 6 19:46:52 EST 2006

The V8 hood has separate wires to and from the windshield washer nozzle

I have a V8 hood on my 200q20v Avant.  The 200 had a single circuit for the
nozzle heaters.  They're all listed in the Bentley/V8 service manuals as
0.5 wires, although the ones on the V8 hood seem more robust than the one
from the 200.  Can I lump the two V8 wires with the single wire from the
200 to keep the heaters active?

The V8 hood has three ground wires, a smaller from the underhood light and
two 0.5s from the nozzles (I presume).  Should I run those all to a good
ground on the body?  The 200 uses only one tiny ground wire for both the
light and the nozzles.

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