[V8] wiring for windows

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Dec 7 01:27:10 EST 2006

Assuming the window winder motor and cable are functioning there's a trick you can use to get a window that readily goes down to go back up again ... 

If you remove the door panel and disconnect the switch from its connector ... then look carefully at the connector.  You'll notice that the connector consists of two pieces that slide together and latch.  If you disassemble the parts and then reattach the 3-pin half to the switch as it would normally attach.  Now rotate the two pin section 180 degrees and attach it to the switch.  You will find that the connector doesn't slide on as well because the halves aren't designed to fit together this way ... but all we need is an electrical connection.  Now activate the switch to lower the windows and voila the window should roll up.  

To answer your question about access inside the body near the door hinge ... you will find that there is room to add working wire to the loom.  I think there's a rubberish split plug in the hole behind the kick panel ... work that out and figure out for yourself how you want to solve the problem.  

Bon chance!
Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

> A previous owner used crappy connections and shoddy repair to "fix" the
> power windows.  I've resorted to not using any of them (beyond driver's)
> because one of them did get stuck down and only by miracle did power get
> restored to the motor to get it back up.  I have instructions on how to
> get into the door panel but I'm going to have to replace some of the
> wire after it enters the door frame.  How do I get back there?
> Passenger side is gives me more room through the fuse box, I assume I'll
> have to pull that padding.  What about driver's side?  The carpet
> appears to go all the way behind the pedals.  What about back doors??

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