[V8] GB on reground cams..& other goodies

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It would likely be considerably more then that amount.  I am a pretty fair
mechanic, but I still pay machine shops to swap my valves.  It is not worth
my time or worth buying the compressors.  Not only that, I would have to buy
head sets, and guides.  So, my guess is, it would be north of $2000 by the
time you got all that in and done...not to mention the frustration of a
broken stud or two.  For me, it would be considerably easier as I have the
engine out of the car.  Just something to think about for those who are
considering the whole enchilada.


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> From: Ron Wainwright <ron_01056 at yahoo.com>
> Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 10:34:02 -0800 (PST)
> To: <v8 at audifans.com>
> Subject: [V8] GB on reground cams..& other goodies
> Listers, Ok another option to throw in....I've
> contacted Javad at 034MS in Kali..some of you may know
> Javad & boys..some of you are on Motorgeek..so anyway.
> I talked to him to see what he could do & get some
> general info..well the conversation turned to maybe
> having him do the cam grinds. He said he gets $600 to
> grind 2 cams..so with us needing 4 cams done you
> figure the cost is $1,200. Well I asked if he could do
> better..& he can..so he mentioned $950 for the cam
> grinds. Then
> to utalize the cams better I talked to him about his
> oversized Intake Valves. There $27.00 each..& needing
> 16 of them it comes to $440 with 10% off that is $390.
> The Valves are .5mm oversized Black Nitride Stainless.
> Back cut Valve Head & Stem. Flows 15CFM more..which
> will really unleash the cams.
> So then after talking a bit more..& to do this rite I
> asked him about the Heavy Duty Valve Springs. For 32
> it's $325 Minus 10% wich brings it to...$290.
> So for $1,600 we could have supper street monsters.
> & for those that wouldn't want to do the oversized
> valves or the HD valve springs the cost of the cam
> regrind would still be $950.
>  So chew on this & get back to me on what you guys
> want to do.
> & I know Dave C...YOU WANT SOMETHING SOON!!!!!!
>  Thanx
> Ron
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