[V8] GB on reground cams..& other goodies

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 20:30:53 EST 2006

Ok guys, got the price on the valve stem seals. There
$.75 each so 32 are $24.00 minus the 10% is $21.00.

 Again this is like a smorg..pick & choose what you
want to make YOU'R car what YOU want it too be. 

All these are great prices. I worked with Javad on a
GB of Rs2 caliper bracket..which I posted on
here..$165 shipped from $225 not shipped. So Javads a
very fair guy.

 So again...looking to do this after the Holidays...so
listers have a chance to mull it over.



Ok guys. After talking to a few of you I have some
more parts prices & options.
Titanium Retainers- $385 minus 10% is $346
ARP Head Studs- $326 minus 10% $293
HG kit- for 3.6 $200, & $200 for 4.2 minus 10%
OE guides- $3 each minus 10% is $86
Lifters- the V8 lifters are lightweight from the
factory, $15 each. Minus 10% $432
 & everything is 10% off. But I'm sure I can get a
little better price from Javad.

Now listers don't have to get crazy..you guys can get
anything off the list..it's just not for everything &
still get the same prices.

& to recap the other stuff....

Cam grinds are $950
Over sized Intake Valves are $440 minus the 10% is
HD Valve Springs are $325 minus the 10% is $290.

 I'm waiting on the cost for the valve seals..but I
could get them from the dealer ifr Javad don't have
any. & I get a GREAT price at my local dealer ;-) But
the cost for everything is...drum roll please.......

...Allmost $3G. But as I said...
..you can get whatever on the list & still retain the
same savings.

 AGAIN....you can get whatever on the list..the prices
aren't if you get everything.
Cam grinds will still be $950, Titanium retainers are
still $346..ect..mix & match what you want.

 I'll be doing the cam grinds, HD valve springs,
oversized Intake valves, lifters, ARP head studs, HG
These are all great prices.

 & NO Metal HG'ets yet Sean.


--- Sean <spcole at mn.rr.com> wrote:

> Ron,
> TI retainers my man would be great.  Also what about
> light weight lifters?
> Thing I would love to see is a complete performance
> head(s) kit.
> Guides
> valve Stem seals
> light weight lifters
> HD springs (duals)
> .5mm over sized SS valves
> Ti retainers
> High performance cams
> ARP head studs
> metal gaskets (do they exist? sorry noob)
> That would make for a hell of a package.  Basically
> all you need is the 
> machine work and bam your cruising around in a nice
> higher powered V8.  
> I don't know if this was answered yet, but I'll ask
> again.  Can I get 
> the 4.2L grind on PT blanks?  I really  want that
> grind as I don't care 
> about stock ecu compatible.  I just spent an hour at
> work (machine shop) 
> on the phone looking for cams nothing was available.
>  Also I only found 
> three sets of 4.2L heads.  All of which cost more
> then I paid for my 
> spare PT and good one together.  So am I stuck with
> the lower cams or 
> can I fly higher with the 4.2L ones?  You rock for
> setting this up, and 
> damn I'll be eating mac and cheese and soup till
> march thanks to this.
> Thanks for your work
> Sean
> 91 Cq V8 6-speed conversion in progress. (slowly)

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