[V8] GB on reground cams..& other goodies

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Sun Dec 10 21:07:02 EST 2006

Fully sweet!

Are any of these parts specific to the reground cams from javad?

I'm still having a tough time swallowing $950 for the same power/reliability as $2k options. 

If Sean gets those cam measurements, will it make it any easier to compare javad's product to the pricier stuff, be they catcams, scott j's program, or direct with Crane?

Either way, I'm hip to everything else you've researched... Maybe one more year before funding that 529 plan...


David A. Coleman
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Ok guys, got the price on the valve stem seals. There
$.75 each so 32 are $24.00 minus the 10% is $21.00.

 Again this is like a smorg..pick & choose what you
want to make YOU'R car what YOU want it too be. 

All these are great prices. I worked with Javad on a
GB of Rs2 caliper bracket..which I posted on
here..$165 shipped from $225 not shipped. So Javads a
very fair guy.

 So again...looking to do this after the Holidays...so
listers have a chance to mull it over.



Ok guys. After talking to a few of you I have some
more parts prices & options.
Titanium Retainers- $385 minus 10% is $346
ARP Head Studs- $326 minus 10% $293
HG kit- for 3.6 $200, & $200 for 4.2 minus 10%
OE guides- $3 each minus 10% is $86
Lifters- the V8 lifters are lightweight from the
factory, $15 each. Minus 10% $432
 & everything is 10% off. But I'm sure I can get a
little better price from Javad.

Now listers don't have to get crazy..you guys can get
anything off the list..it's just not for everything &
still get the same prices.

& to recap the other stuff....

Cam grinds are $950
Over sized Intake Valves are $440 minus the 10% is
HD Valve Springs are $325 minus the 10% is $290.

 I'm waiting on the cost for the valve seals..but I
could get them from the dealer ifr Javad don't have
any. & I get a GREAT price at my local dealer ;-) But
the cost for everything is...drum roll please.......

....Allmost $3G. But as I said...
...you can get whatever on the list & still retain the
same savings.

 AGAIN....you can get whatever on the list..the prices
aren't if you get everything.
Cam grinds will still be $950, Titanium retainers are
still $346..ect..mix & match what you want.

 I'll be doing the cam grinds, HD valve springs,
oversized Intake valves, lifters, ARP head studs, HG
These are all great prices.

 & NO Metal HG'ets yet Sean.


--- Sean <spcole at mn.rr.com> wrote:

> Ron,
> TI retainers my man would be great.  Also what about
> light weight lifters?
> Thing I would love to see is a complete performance
> head(s) kit.
> Guides
> valve Stem seals
> light weight lifters
> HD springs (duals)
> .5mm over sized SS valves
> Ti retainers
> High performance cams
> ARP head studs
> metal gaskets (do they exist? sorry noob)
> That would make for a hell of a package.  Basically
> all you need is the 
> machine work and bam your cruising around in a nice
> higher powered V8.  
> I don't know if this was answered yet, but I'll ask
> again.  Can I get 
> the 4.2L grind on PT blanks?  I really  want that
> grind as I don't care 
> about stock ecu compatible.  I just spent an hour at
> work (machine shop) 
> on the phone looking for cams nothing was available.
>  Also I only found 
> three sets of 4.2L heads.  All of which cost more
> then I paid for my 
> spare PT and good one together.  So am I stuck with
> the lower cams or 
> can I fly higher with the 4.2L ones?  You rock for
> setting this up, and 
> damn I'll be eating mac and cheese and soup till
> march thanks to this.
> Thanks for your work
> Sean
> 91 Cq V8 6-speed conversion in progress. (slowly)

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