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Michele_Deltergo at KeyBank.com Michele_Deltergo at KeyBank.com
Mon Dec 11 08:38:04 EST 2006

Most of the failures I've seen have been due to heavy carbon on the
contacts, usaully a little snadpaper or file and your back in Biz.  While
many yaers switches work, I like the newer years with the LEDs as they
almost never die.

I have had luck drilling a small hole about halfway up in the old switches
and spraying contact cleaner in them. This works for me on about 75% of the

switches I've attempted.

Tony Hoffman

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> The power window switches are notorious for going bad.  Many have had
> opening them (carefully) and cleaning them with contact enhancer, however
> there are a ton of used switches available so this may be easier.  If you
> think you might have a bad one, try a known good one from one of the
> 4
> windows.  If you think you have a bad window motor (regulator) remove the
> windows switch and you will discover there are 4 wires; 2 go to the
> motor.  Apply 12+ (I use a Makita battery) to the motor and it should go
> up
> (or down); reverse polarity to make it go the other direction.  If it
> doesn't do anything, it probably needs new brushes, or simply to be
> replaced.

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