[V8] Cams

Sean spcole at mn.rr.com
Mon Dec 11 16:15:37 EST 2006


The info on the S8 cams I disagree with.  I own a set of 98 Euro S8 
heads.  the exhaust cam won't spin completely around.  Some material 
needs to be machined out of the head for it to work.  The intake cam 
from that motor is unique to only it.  It is solid lifter and unlike any 
other production Audi cam I have ever seen (I see dismantled heads 
daily).  I bought these heads off Ebay.co.uk for a song and dance so I 
have taken the liberty of resolving the cam question.  Last Friday to 
sent both an intake and exhaust cam from the S8 (only ones I had out) 
with a set (2 cams) of PT cams to be profiled.  The purpose of this 
exercise is 1) to truly know what the duration and lift of the PT cams 
are and 2) to see what the S8 cams really are.  I haven't heard back 
from the cam grind if they are done yet, He said Monday maybe Tuesday, 
or he'd let me know the time line if there were delays.


I am still a little confused on this whole cam grind thing through 
Javad.  I know the man is a great source and after dealing with him for 
my clutch, which for the most part would have been a nightmare through 
other sources. I can say he stands behind everything he sells.  My 
question is how is this going to work are we sending our cams to Javad 
and then they will be ground or are we getting cams from another source 
to have them ground and sent to us?  Either works for me as I have a 
spare motor so sending cams out isn't an issue. If we are sourcing new 
cams then is there a way for us 3.6L people to run the 4.2 cams?  I want 
the best deal I trust you and if you think this is best I am with you.  
My goals are similar to yours in that I want big NA power, I have no 
idea why it appeals to me it's just I love the sound of these motors.  
How long after the holidays are we looking late January or so?

91 Cq V8 6-speed conversion in progress. (slowly)

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