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Today's Topics:

   1. Re: ?91 V8 handling issues (Kneale Brownson)
 The last time I used a set of winter tires, they were Semperit studded
tires on steel wheels on my '87 Mercedes 190D-turbo. 

Since my conversion to the Quattro Way, I have never felt the slightest need
for anything more than a set of all season tires PROVIDED that at least 60%
tread depth is maintained.  At about 20% tread depth I found that the
Quattro system seems to become confused in slushy semi-frozen road surfaces
and the car can get downright squirelly.  Thus I generally plan to replace
all four tires every other fall, more or less, at around 25-28,000 miles of

Maybe just maybe if I was driving in heavy urban traffic everyday, I would
do something else.  For example, if I had to deal with Route 128 traffic
around Boston....well, thanks:  if I had to do that, I'd take the "T" and
leave the car in the garage.


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