[V8] Oil Pressure Gauge

Audi Sport audisport44 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 20 18:23:27 EST 2006

Thank you, that helped a lot also.

> Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 16:46:49 -0600> From: indischrot at gmail.com> To: kneale at coslink.net> CC: audisport44 at hotmail.com; v8 at audifans.com> Subject: Re: [V8] Oil Pressure Gauge> > Although it's for a different vehicle, I feel this is pretty much > universal to all cars:> > http://www.clarks-garage.com/shop-manual/lube-03.htm> > ~Scott Simmons> > Kneale Brownson wrote:> > >All my Audis peg the oil pressure gauge at max when first started cold.> >When fully warmed and idling, they all read 1.5 to 2. Never observed at> >partial warmup. When accelerating hard, they all peg at max again.> >Cruising is around 4. > >> >> >> >At 12:44 PM 12/20/2006 -0500, Audi Sport wrote:> > > >> >>Since we're on this subject, what IS the oil pressure gauge supposed to be > >>at during different operating conditions?> >>> >>1. When you first start the car> >>> >>2. Once the car is warmed up a little and the idle comes down> >>> >>3. Once the car is fully warmed up> >>> >>4. When you hit the gas (say floor it) what are you supposed to be seeing > >>and what is it supposed to go back down to when you let the gas go?> >>> >>5. What if you only hit the gas about half way> >>> >>Thanks,> >>> >>Dan> >>> >>P.S. What oil Temperature should you be seeing once you've been driving the > >>car for about 15 minutes or so?> >>> >>> >>> >> > >>

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