[V8] Jingle Bells

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 14:18:32 EST 2006

I saw so many cars yesterday that were just not able to deal with it.

The problem is that the climate here is nothing like this between
these storms.  For the majority of the year, it's not much worse than
most of the rest of the country.  If it were a bit more like the
midwest, then people would realize they don't really have the choice
to not be prepared.

I just watched a bit on the noon news showing a 6-lane blvd in town
with a logjam of 70-100 abandoned vehicles.  The city is towing them
and dropping them at a construction zone nearby.

Traction is key.  Winter tires are a necessity.

I was bombing around in my Avant yesterday with Hankook i409s that I
bought a couple months ago.  I just didn't have any problem, even in
deep snow.

I saw a 4-wheel drive F150 stuck in the gutter that crosses an
intersection.  There was almost no snow, but he was sitting there
squirming around like an earthworm on a wet sidewalk, all 4 wheels
spinning.  He had no traction.  Nice dubs though. ;-)

Hell, even the US Postal Service has closed everything down from
Cheyenne to Colorado Springs today.

My girlfriend was called by her work this morning, not to tell her to
not come in, but to see if she could come in early.  !!!  So I went
out and shovelled the 3-foot drift from behind the V8 and then went
and blasted around the neighborhood a bit.  She called me when she got
to work and said she had no trouble.  She's super nervous about
driving in this stuff, but aside from squiggling around, she had no
problem getting to work and was amazed by how many vehicles were
stuck.  I've told her to just keep slight steady pressure on the gas
and steer where she wants to go and let the car sort everything out.
I swear I think the V8 automatic is the best of the bunch when it
comes to making progress with the least fuss.  I think the center diff
is a lot smarter than a torsen.


On 12/21/06, Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> wrote:
> ... don't forget the red suit and hat!
> I was talking to some of my buddies about the footage we're seeing from Denver ... I'm amazed that people there would even think to buy 2WD cars in your neck of the woods ...
> Merry Christmas!
> Steve B
> San José, CA (USA)
> ... currently still 1WD'ing ...
> >
> > Blasting through the snow
> > In a two-hundred-forty horse Audi
> > Through the drifts we go
> > Laughing all the way!
> >
> > Ed
> > Colorado Springs
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