[V8] BMW seven what?

Andrew Schlueter andyschlueter at 4techwork.com
Thu Dec 21 18:20:13 EST 2006

V12 is $$$$$$$$$$$$$. If you get a bmw. Get a late '90's 540 6 speed. My
god they are fast. I just worked on a '98 540i v8 198k miles, blowing
smoke like crazy. Did an upper intake job. Runs like a champ, no joke

Hey I am all about the rings, but I do like bmw's.

Andrew W. Schlueter
'90 Audi V8 MQuattro

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Well, at least after 112,000 miles the bolts that hold the oil pump in
position will probably not fall off.  The BMW V8's had a spate when oil
pump bolts would back out, fall into the sump, and without much ado
about anything, raise absolute hell....if the oil pump itself didn't
just fall into the sump first.

They probably fixed that problem after replacing a bunch of V8 engines.

But why, why, oh, why would you want a BMW V8?  You already have the
best V8 sedan in Christendom.  So if you hanker for a BMW, buy the V-12.
At least you will have something more interesting to play with than a
measly eight Munich cylinders!


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