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Fri Dec 22 14:27:46 EST 2006

After buying a 96 740il 3 years ago my 90V8Q has been collecting dust. There is no comparison, the beemer blows it away in every way except for the stereo {I miss the Bose}and the Quattro. Now if I lived up north in the snow it would be a completely different story....
Rudy in Florida

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> From: "Roger M. Woodbury" 
> Subject: [V8] BMW seven what? 
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> Well, at least after 112,000 miles the bolts that hold the oil pump in 
> position will probably not fall off. The BMW V8's had a spate when oil pump 
> bolts would back out, fall into the sump, and without much ado about 
> anything, raise absolute hell....if the oil pump itself didn't just fall 
> into the sump first. 
> They probably fixed that problem after replacing a bunch of V8 engines. 
> But why, why, oh, why would you want a BMW V8? You already have the best V8 
> sedan in Christendom. So if you hanker for a BMW, buy the V-12. At least 
> you will have something more interesting to play with than a measly eight 
> Munich cylinders! 
> Roger 

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