[V8] Give me a brake

Paul Jager pjager at telus.net
Thu Feb 2 15:44:18 EST 2006

I'm basically not using my e-brake. With everything lubed etc, it seems like
the return spring is too weak. Are they known to loose there strength?

Without tapping the cam back in place, the pads bind after application of
the brake.

Paul Jager

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... in over 25 years of Audi ownership on 6 different cars (more when you
count my BiL's Audis) the only time I've ever had to mess with the handbrake
yoke mechanism under the car was when a cable broke.  If for some reason you
think you need to adjust this I'd recommend checking everything over first
to see if there isn't another problem.  First candidate would be the E-brake
return springs on the calipers, and second would be binding in the cables
themselves.  I'm afraid that if you adjust the yoke you'd create more
problems than you s

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