[V8] Give me a brake

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 17:18:20 EST 2006

   First you have to understand the system.  The actual brake light is
triggered by 3 things if I remember correctly.  The hand brake, the brake
fluid level, and the brake booster pressure.  Now, you stated that the
light is on and it gets brighter when you pull the hand brake - Mine did
the same thing and it was a faulty booster switch.  I would test all
circuits before jumping to the e-brake.  You can test the booster circuit
by disconnecting the plug on the underside of the master cylinder - hard
to get to but worth the try.  Sounds to me like the switch to the e-brake
is working because of it getting brighter with you moving the lever - it
is either on or off - it doesn't work like a dimmer.  Check your brake
fluid level and possibly your hydraulic fluid resivoir, I can't remember
if it is in the circuit, but it wouldn't hurt to check.  If it does turn
out to be in the pressure circuit, you could either have a bad switch or
your pump/accumulator(probably accumulator)could be on it's way out.  Good

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