[V8] The scrapbook has begun

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Yeah my windshield broke when coming out. though I bet you could moan enough to get the ins co to cover at least part of it, if not now maybe later... Either way, like I always say, nothing beats a nice new clear windshield! 

I hesitate to say it, but you can probably rest assured that the rear glass is r&r-able w/out breaking, which is good cuz it's expensive as heck. 

David A. Coleman
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I think this is known as 'project creep' to project managers.  ;-)

I was out there today and they told me the glass guy came out to see the
car.  He said 'oh, it's like a 5000.  There is no room to manipulate my
knife and there is a better chance than not that I will brake the glass
getting it out.'  Fun.  Glass retails for $500 and the trim another $250.
On my dime. :-(

I visited on my lunch break and the body shop owner asked me if I wanted to
take the back seat and package tray out for the glass guy.  So dressed in my
work duds (Oxford and dark-colored slacks), I go to town.  This is the
second time I have removed this stuff and it was just as fun as I remembered
from last time; 30-45min of swearing in German.  Oh well, this part of the
job is on my dime as well, so at least I am 'saving' money, right?  Hah hah.

Glass comes out tomorrow and I will know by how much my wallet will be
lightened.  (fingers crossed)

I had them weld shut the cell antenna hole while they were repairing the
fender.  Cool!

More pictures have been uploaded:



- Jeremy

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I think you went a little overboard on your modifications ;-) 

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