[V8] failing abs?

Mike LaRosa mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 3 09:02:07 EST 2006


That does sound like a abs sensor out of adjustment.

had similar issue on my 89 100 Avant years ago..

I think I checked them all, they seemed okay...
then I started pulling them one at a time and putting
them in and pulling them out just enough to clear the
gear looking thing.... no more noise ;)


--- "Roger M. Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at adelphia.net>

> I have a new graunching noise in the Black Mariah.
> When I put on the brakes, the car stops like it is
> attached to an arresting
> hook, but sometimes as it comes gently to a stop,
> just before stopping I
> will get a sort of reverse pressure on the brake
> pedal, and there will be a
> weird sort of "graunch" noise...pretty hard to
> describe. 
> If I push really hard, the pedal will "break
> through" the pressure and the
> it seems that the rear brakes will lock.  This takes
> place at barely
> creeping speed and not before.  
> Otherwise, all else seems perfectly normal. I do
> think I have a front
> caliper that is sometimes sticky.  I think it is the
> right side caliper and
> on occasion I have experienced the t ypical UFO
> pulsing.  But recently there
> is next to no pulsing, and more and more, none at
> all.  I think the problem
> with the caliper is mostly the time that the car sat
> with little use while
> it was being redone mechanically.  
> But the "graunch" noise and brake reverse pressure
> is worrisome.
> Roger
> Oh, yeah.  And while I am at it, the car has had a
> rather hard knocking
> noise in the left rear since I bought it.  I sounds
> like a rear shock, and I
> wonder if anyone has experienced a failure of an
> upper rear shock mount on a
> Type 44 car of any variety.  The rear shocks on this
> car are aged Bilsteins,
> and I suspect that this cure will probably be in the
> complete replacement of
> the rear shocks.  I note that I now am getting a
> certain amount of rear end
> "electric motor" hum that is speed dependent.  I
> suspect that this is shock
> absorber dying noise, as it sounds like the same
> kind of hum that comes
> along when the front struts are failing.  And I am
> almost tempted to try to
> do the rear shocks myself a bit later on when the
> weather is milder and I
> can get the car into the garage...after throwing out
> all the accumulated
> trash that lies in wait for anyone foolish enough to
> try to go in there....
> R
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