[V8] failing abs?

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Fri Feb 3 09:57:18 EST 2006

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From: Mike LaRosa <mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, February 3, 2006 8:38 am
Subject: Re: [V8] failing abs?

> Roger,
> That does sound like a abs sensor out of adjustment.
> had similar issue on my 89 100 Avant years ago..
> I think I checked them all, they seemed okay...
> then I started pulling them one at a time and putting
> them in and pulling them out just enough to clear the
> gear looking thing.... no more noise ;)
My V8 was exhibiting the same odd braking behavior about a month ago, but it stopped after I cleaned off the abs sensors. My steering rack has been leaking for the past few months so there is pentosin  all over the bottom of the engine and suspension. I think that was affecting the sensors.

George Tur

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