[V8] failing abs?

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at comcast.net
Sat Feb 4 10:49:29 EST 2006

Hmm.  Well, having had a sort of 'Blue Mariah' in the Lago variety, I just
had to come back to the V8 fold a few years back and have no desire to
leave.  I'm addicted to V8s and should likely go through one of those twelve
step programs for it, but I don't have a problem -- really ;-)

A boosted engine is fun and is certainly more fuel efficient at highway
speeds, but the solid, vault-like build of the V8 is really special and I
smile every time I start mine up and when I let it stretch its legs.  That
humming certainly sounds like a wheel bearing to me as well -- and
alternator failure and wheel bearings are just as likely in the 200q20v as
in the V8.

I've been back in Michigan for a few days and will be leaving tonight for
Vegas to continue my journey in the '93 V8 to Steamboat Springs, CO and the
Bridgestone Ice Driving track there before coming home.  Will give a full
report from my journey's beginning with able tour guide Jeremy Ward's
introduction of Northern part of Oregon's West Coast.



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That's what I am trying not to think about.

Then today in the rain, as I was turning a corner in a deep puddle, my
alternator light came on to stay.  I turned around and went home, but the
battery shows a steady discharge, so I guess the alternator is going to have
to be overhauled.  What will probably happen is that the car will go back to
the wrench for all of this.

Right now, I am beginning to weary of the more or less constant picking at
me by the Black Mariah.  In between niggling problems, the car runs
beautifully, but maybe, just maybe it shouldn't be "saved" much further.


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I wonder if the hum you are talking about isn't a bearing?

On Feb 3, 2006, at 8:32 AM, Roger M. Woodbury wrote:

I note that I now am getting a certain amount of rear end

"electric motor" hum that is speed dependent.

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