[V8] REBUILD 1990 V8/Q

kevin kyzar readytow at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 4 18:02:48 EST 2006

O.K., after owning this fun toy for over a year now, I have been reading all the different posts, and have finally decided, it is going into my shop, and a complete rebuild.
Timing belt, seat heaters, switches, you know all the little things that break over time, and drive us anal-retentive guys absolutely bonkers!
So, here are my questions
1.  Somewhere along the way I saw a column with pictures about replacing the light in the seat heater switches, does anyone know where that is, I lost it.
2.  Same as above, but in regards to the seat heater wiring.  Can't find the info anymore.  Only one that now works is the passenger rear.  ARGGH!!
3.  Pray for me!

kevin kyzar
readytow at earthlink.net
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