[V8] failing abs

kevin kyzar readytow at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 5 18:46:54 EST 2006

If you have not solved your problem, maybe this will help.  Have you noticed a slight "shuddering" when cornering sharply at low speeds?  I had the noise, shudder, and back pressure on my 90 V8/Q abs system.  Once I pulled the abs sensors from each wheel and cleaned the tip, it solved all these problems.  There is also a fuse on the abs relay under the front passenger upper kick panel, if this is blown I believe it triggers the abs light on the dash, maybe something to check.  When cleaning the sensors at the wheels, I used some simple electircal contact spray cleaner, and a rag, got the tips nice and shiny, then pushed them back into the stops.  Worked great, and have had no problems since.  This is probably the cheapest and easiest fix i have done on the car.
Good Luck

kevin kyzar
readytow at earthlink.net
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