[V8] REBUILD 1990 V8/Q

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Mon Feb 6 11:29:33 EST 2006

If you are going to do this much work, you really need to get the official
manual and wiring diagrams.
The wiring diagrams were available in a printed manual, which is what I would
recommend. I tend to write notes in the book, and that is hard to do on the
computer versions.
The paper bound manual for the 100/200 series cars from Bentley also covers a
good part of the body issues, and might be available cheap somewhere. I have one
and use it more than the CD manual for body issues.
A paper bound V8 manual is not easy to come by, but they turn up from time to
time. The CD can be sourced from this list.

On the seat heater switches, they are easy to do if you are comfortable taking
apart the switch and soldering on a small circuit board. The bulb is known as a
"grain of wheat" style and can probably be sourced through digikey.com.
(I need to do one myself so when I find the bulbs I will let you all know)
I would go with a standard bulb to retain the same dimming characteristics as
the other switches. You do have to pop off some plastic welds for the red cover
inside the switch but it is easy and you don't have to re-weld them. I just cut
them off with a razor blade which leaves a locating stud to hold it in place.

I just replaced the LED in my sunroof switch (I went with yellow) and it is not
that hard. Biggest problem is figuring out how to get it apart without killing
it. btw, it looks like Audi overdrives these LEDs - which is why they die. They
should have used a larger dropping resistor. If you felt like it, you could
probably use a "grain of wheat" bulb in there too. Not sure about heat issues.


Quoting kevin kyzar <readytow at earthlink.net>:

> O.K., after owning this fun toy for over a year now, I have been reading all
> the different posts, and have finally decided, it is going into my shop, and
> a complete rebuild.
> Timing belt, seat heaters, switches, you know all the little things that
> break over time, and drive us anal-retentive guys absolutely bonkers!
> So, here are my questions
> 1.  Somewhere along the way I saw a column with pictures about replacing the
> light in the seat heater switches, does anyone know where that is, I lost
> it.
> 2.  Same as above, but in regards to the seat heater wiring.  Can't find the
> info anymore.  Only one that now works is the passenger rear.  ARGGH!!
> 3.  Pray for me!
> kevin kyzar
> readytow at earthlink.net
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