[V8] REBUILD 1990 V8/Q

kevin kyzar readytow at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 6 13:21:16 EST 2006

Update on the seat heater switches. (and again, big thanks to Kent McLean)  These are pretty easy to fix the light bulb in.  Taking it apart is the hardest.  
The bulb can be found at Radio Shack, part number: 7219.  The bulbs come with long leads that have to be trimmed back and soldered in.  Once this is
done they work perfectly.  Incidentally, these bulbs are the same bulbs for the mirror control unit illumination on the armrest.
If anyone is interested, I can send more info, or some pictures of the dissassembled seat heater switch for comparisons.

kevin kyzar
readytow at earthlink.net
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