[V8] radio button spring problem

bob moy mmodels at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 6 13:48:50 EST 2006

These so call springs are actually little rubber pieces which looks like a 
top hat.  The only place to get them is from a junk yard.  Go to a junk yard 
and find a radio from a V8, 100 or 200 series and strip it for parts or find 
someone selling a non working radio.


[V8] radio button spring problem
getur at optonline.net getur at optonline.net
Mon Feb 6 12:27:31 EST 2006

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Ran into an interesting problem with the V8 radio.

The springs behind the push buttons on these delta and gamma radios 
periodically break down and require replacement. I've done this before and 
have ordered the return springs from midwesternelectric. They are a 
certified blaupunkt repair service center. Well a couple of weeks ago the fm 
button stopped returning to it's position whenever it was pressed and if I 
hit a good bump the radio will skip between the fm bands. I called 
midwesternelectric and tried to order a bunch of those return springs and 
they tell me that they are forbidden to sell them since they are oem. They 
tell me that since last year Audi has told them they can't sell any oem 
parts. I then tried to order the return springs from a local Audi dealer and 
they tell me that they don't have any part number for them. I have to get 
the radio repaired which will cost $125 since that is the cost of swapping 
the unit.

This is obscene. Does anyone have another source for these return springs?

George Tur
91 V8

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